PayPal subscriptions

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Welcome, KITM fans!

I've been promising to find a way to rig up a monthly payment subscription via PayPal, and the only way I've figured out so far is to use a PayPal button gadget on a 3rd party website.

Well, this is that website! How exciting!

What will I do with it? I don't know! Maybe nothing! But in the meantime, it is a cheap way to get around to those PayPal subscriptions I was talking about. That way, I won't have to actually keep nagging those of you who really would like to support the show monthly, and want to do it through PayPal.

Let me know if you think there ought to be more or different subscription options. Three options is the default. I can add more and assign different values, but I can't leave it blank for you to fill in. Still, if there's a (non-zero) number that'd be incredibly popular, but that just isn't there, speak up and perhaps I can add it on. No promises, though, because technology!

Right now, the levels are:
  • $5/mo., or about 25¢ per fabulous, two-hour, commercial-free show
  • $10/mo., or about a cheap can of soda at a vending machine per show
  • $25/mo., the OMG TAKE ALL MY MONEY! level, or a little over $1 per show.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by! Let's see if we can make offering this option worth the twenty bucks a month PayPal charges for the privilege!